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Last updated 2023-11-28

This page provides links to all the operating achievement lists that I have on this site. I have for three decades maintained and published some of these lists in the printed media, while others are new efforts that are only possible because of the interactivity of the Web. My hope is that the visibility they lend to individuals' achievements will inspire others to do better than they are already doing. Let's put South Africa firmly on the Amateur Radio map!

I'll expand this list to include others in due course. Keep coming back regularly.

Each of these lists is only as good as the inputs I get. Please let me know if you spot errors or omissions, or if your own standings have changed.

Contest Records

CQ World Wide DX Contest:

Records for Zone 38: Current 2020 2010 2000 1990 1986
Winners from Zone 38 (CW/SSB/RTTY)

Complete world, continent, zone and national records can be found at the CQWW records database.

CQ WPX Contest:

Records for Zone 38 (incomplete)

IARU HF Championship:

Records for ITU Zone 57 (incomplete)

General DXing Stuff

Multi-Band DXing:

Southern Africa Band Countries Survey. The file includes links to annual summaries and ongoing diaries of DXing activity. The list is no longer being maintained. Since the introduction of a full suite of single-band DXCC awards, we have relied on the DXCC lists (above), which contain only verified DXCC totals.
A comparable Survey from Britain for comparison.
Firsts on 50 MHz from South Africa.
Firsts on 144 MHz from South Africa.
Firsts on 430 MHz from South Africa.
Firsts on Satellite from South Africa (early draft).

Major International Awards

South African holders of Worked All Zones, including 5 Band WAZ and single band/mode endorsements
South African holders of Worked All States, including 5 Band WAS, Triple Play and single band/mode endorsements. There is also a table showing WAS scores confirmed on LotW for active South African stations.
South African holders of VHF/UHF Century Club (VUCC), on all known VHF/UHF bands.

SARL Awards:

Once upon a time, I typed all the information of WAZS holders from the original register (a large tome kept by the SARL Awards Manager) into my computer. Later, Don Milner ZS6AQS helped me to do the same for the All Africa Award. These lists are shown below. In 2006, I handed them to Tjerk Lammers ZS6P (now ZS1J), the SARL Awards Manager. We incorporated them into the SARL Awards Directory, which is available on the Web. The Directory is regularly updated.

Holders of All Africa Award
Holders of Worked all ZS

Here are two things that I do still maintain: A list of firsts in the All Africa Award programme and a list of firsts in the Worked All ZS awards programme. I manually extract these lists from the SARL Awards Directory on a quarterly basis. There are some glaring holes which can be filled with relatively little effort, especially if your callsign starts with "ZR5" or "ZS5"!


South African participants in the DX Foot Club, a different type of DXing Web site by G4AFF. The file also contains links to older versions of the list.

DXCC Stuff

DXCC: A contest for slow operators--Vic Clark, W4KFC

South African DXCC Gallery: An attempt to put particulars about all South African DXCC holders, past and present, in one place. After 20 years of work, this list is now basically complete. The South African DXCC Gallery Notes section records southern African developments and achievements in DXCC over the past few years.

South African DXCC Honour Roll Members. This archive includes a cumulative list with all South African DXCC HR members from the past, with their highest known scores, and an almost-complete list of annual HR listings from QST magazine. Links are provided to contextual comments originally published with the lists.

The History of DXCC in South Africa is a compilation of annual DXCC membership lists from QST and from the DXCC Yearbooks. Links are included to the contextual comments published with the original lists.

First past the Post is a complete list of the first South Africans to achieve specific thresholds in the DXCC programme. The first three South Africans passing specific thresholds are listed, as are the first applicants by call area.

World-wide 50 MHz DXCC list: There has never been a published list of all 6 m DXCC holders, complete with dates and certficate numbers. In 2001-05, I assembled a list from the best available sources, and was hoping that it would eventually grow into a complete list. It evolved significantly since the first iteration, but with the advent of DXCC lists on the Web, I stopped adding new participants. Between this list and the current computer records, the picture is reasonably complete.

Any Ideas?

If you have other interesting additions that we might publish on this Site, please let me know. If you have the information ready, that's ideal. If you have only an idea, you might even manage to talk me into it. It's worth a try!

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