Worked All Zones awards in South Africa

Last updated: 2018-07-05

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This list shows all known WAZ awards won by South Africans. It is compiled from personal contacts, and is incomplete. Any additional information would be appreciated!

  • Background
  • How to apply for WAZ
  • All-Band Phone/CW WAZ
  • All-Band Phone WAZ
  • All-Band SSB WAZ
  • All-Band Digital WAZ
  • 5 Band WAZ
  • 1,8 MHz WAZ
  • 14 MHz CW WAZ
  • 21 MHz CW WAZ
  • Rumoured WAZ holders
  • How you can help


    Worked All Zones (WAZ) is a major operating award, issued by CQ Magazine. It is a major operating goal for most DXers at some stage. Its attraction lies in the fact that it is a better gauge of DXing achievement than DXCC.DXCC can be achieved by working only nearby stations, while WAZ requires one to cover the entire globe. Some estimate that WAZ is equivalent in difficulty to a DXCC score of well over 200.

    Although WAZ is relatively easy on 14 MHz, it becomes a major challenge on some of the other bands. Only two South Africans have ever achieved WAZ on 1,8 MHz, and no-one is anywhere near completion on 50 MHz. 5 Band Worked All Zones is regarded by many as the ultimate DXing achievement, requiring as it does a full house on each band. In fact, WAZ is so difficult on some of these bands that an entry-level certificate is offered in those categories. 5BWAZ is issued at 150 of the 200 required band-zones. 50 MHz WAZ has an entry level of 25, and 1,8 MHz WAZ at 30. Nevertheless, only a handful of South Africans have achieved these entry levels.

    Unfortunately, CQ Magazine does not publish any cumulative information about WAZ awards that are issued. The award is only listed once, when it is issued. The lists below are just a start to document achievements by South Africans. Obviously, initially the list will favour holders close to the compiler and more recent certificates. Please contribute information--hopefully the list will eventually become more complete.

    How to apply for WAZ

    WAZ is one of the foremost amateur radio awards. It has a proud history of more than 75 years. Unlike DXCC, it requires the DXer to cover all areas of the world. When you hold WAZ, you can truly claim to have covered the entire globe.

    The WAZ is sponsored by CQ Magazine. Rules and other details can be found in their WAZ page.

    The easiest way to apply for WAZ is to use You can accumulate the necessary credits by confirming their Authenticity Guaranteed members and obtaining electronic confirmations. You can then apply online. As of late 2011, it appears that CQ has been negotiating with ARRL to facilitate online applications using LotW credits.

    If you are an old timer and have confirmed many zones using paper QSL cards, you can also apply on paper. The procedure is outlined in the WAZ page. You can have most of your cards checked in this country through Donovan van Loggerenberg ZS2DL or Chris R. Burger ZS6EZ. Liaise directly with them for further details on how to have your cards inspected.

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    All Band Mixed-Mode WAZ

    1978-10-22  4387 ZS5LB  Albert Lausecker--Silent Key 2015-05-26
    1983-02??   5494 ZS3BT  Erich Beckert
    1983-02??   5495 ZS5BK  Bill Smith--Silent Key 1991
    1983-02??   5497 ZS5MY  Franz Taschl--now ZS6EU
    1984-04-07  5753 ZS6BCR Chris R. Burger--now ZS6EZ
    1985-08??   5889 ZS1PS  ?
    1988-02??   6251 ZS1WQ  Rusty Lotter
    1988-02-28  6274 ZS6P   Tjerk J. Lammers
    1993-01-29  7315 ZS4TX  Bernie van der Walt
    2016-12-09  9344 ZS6C   Geoffrey Levey
    2018-04-23  9448 ZS5LEE Lee Hanegraaf
    2018-05-18       V51YJ  Andrew Thompson

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    All-Band Phone WAZ

    None known

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    All-Band SSB WAZ

    1969-09-05   610 ZS5LB  Albert Lausecker--Silent Key 2015-05-26
    1991-12??   3844 ZS6AOO Jim de Almeida--now CT1HGS
    1994-02??   4142 ZS6JHS Johan Sevenster--now ZS1A
    1994-07??   4187 ZS4Y   Leon Foot
    1994-09??   4207 ZS6IR  Uli von Aswegen--now DF7EF
    2002-10-27  4818 ZS6JM  Johan van Aarde--now ZS2I
    2008-01-10  5062 ZS2ACP André Botes
    2011-08-26  5182 ZS1XUK Simon Cammies--now ZS1XG
    2018-06-25  5399 ZR6GR  Gert Rautenbach

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    All-Band CW WAZ

    2018-05-18   902 V51YJ  Andrew Thompson

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    All-Band Digital WAZ

    2008-03-22   185 ZS2EZ     Barry Murrell
    2018-04-24    18 ZS5LEE    Lee Hanegraaf

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    5 Band WAZ (full-house)

    For WAZ on each of 3,5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz (200 band-zones)

    1983-09-08    67 ZS5LB     Albert Lausecker--Silent Key 2015-05-26
    1988-02-25   170 ZS5BK     Bill Smith--Silent Key 1991
    1989-02-18   211 ZS5MY     Franz Taschl--now ZS6EU
    1991-09-24   325 ZS6BCR    Chris R. Burger--now ZS6EZ
    1994-02-11   372 ZS4TX     Bernie van der Walt

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    5 Band WAZ (Entry Level)

    For at least 150 of the 200 contacts required for 5BWAZ (see above)

    1983-09-08   237 (200 zones)  ZS5LB     Albert Lausecker--Silent Key 2015-05-26
    1984-07-30   272 (200 zones)  ZS6BCR    Chris R. Burger--now ZS6EZ
    1988-02-25   451 (200 zones)  ZS5BK     Bill Smith--Silent Key 1991
    1989-02-18   534 (200 zones)  ZS5MY     Franz Taschl--now ZS6EU
    1994-02-11   882 (200 zones)  ZS4TX     Bernie van der Walt
    1997-06-30  1054 (189 zones)  ZS6BSZ    Hans Kappetijn--now ZS6KR
    2018-05-19  2021 (176 zones)  ZS5LEE    Lee Hanegraaf
    2018-07-01  2057 (177 zones)  V51YJ     Andrew Thompson

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    1,8 MHz WAZ

    1987-03-01    21 ZS5LB  Albert Lausecker--Silent Key 2015-05-26 (zones 2, 7, 23, 26, 27, 34, 40 lacking)
    1999-06-01   140 ZS4TX  Bernie van der Walt (40 zones complete)

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    14 MHz CW WAZ

    1997-05??    475 ZS1AFZ  Poppie Oosthuizen

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    21 MHz CW WAZ

    1997-06-30   272 ZS6BSZ  Hans Kappetijn--now ZS6KR

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    Rumoured WAZ Holders

    Here is a selection of callsigns that I've heard have WAZ, but no further details are known: Nil

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    How you can help

    If you have a collection of CQ Magazines, you can help to make this record as complete as possible. Below is a list of issues that I have not checked. If you have any of these issues, please check the WAZ list in that issue and let me know. Even if there are no ZS stations in that issue, please let me know so that I can remove that issue from the list.

    The WAZ list was always published in the DX column. Just check all the callsigns in the list for that month. If there are no ZS stations, let me know. If there are, please send me the type of award, the serial number and the ZS callsign. I'll gratefully acknowledge any help received.

    Issues that I have not checked:

    Everything before 1983.
    1983-09, 11, 12
    1984-02, 04, 06, 08, 12
    1999-01, 12
    2000 and on, to date.

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