ZS6EZ's Radio Tutorials Page

Last updated 2018-09-19

This page contains some (hopefully useful) tutorials for radio amateurs.

  • How to make a Morse Code contact is a practical guide to making contacts on this mode. It include a discussion on tools, frequencies, procedures, abbreviations, Q signals and signal reports.
  • The How to apply for your DXCC in southern Africa provides a description of DXCC, links to South African membership lists, te application process and pointers on how often to update your records.
  • Multiplier Passing in DX Contests, a practical approach to the why and how of multiplier passing. It is specifically written for multi-operator stations using N1MM+, but it is equally valid for single operators and other logging software.
  • How to improve your QSL returns, a practical guide to confirming amateur radio contacts without breaking the bank.
  • During late 2015 and early 2016, I edited the SARL's study guide for prospective radio amateurs to bring it to full CEPT compliance. I also produced an Afrikaans translation. In the process, I produced a list of Afrikaans radio terms. These are all in use by SARL students, and even the scholars in some mainstream schools, and are available free of charge.
  • How to fix your TQSL Location for LotW Confirmations. Many LotW participants don't set up their location (US state/county, grid locator, CQ zone etc.) correctly. As LotW becomes more and more useful for awards other than DXCC, a lot of DXers are being frustrated by these omissions. This tutorial shows you how to fix your location definition so that everyone can get maximum benefit from your electronic QSLs. You can even fix existing QSOs that already exist in the database, with no ill effects.

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