Last updated 2005-03-12

This page is all about the South African Radio League.

When I first posted this page, I indicated that "this organisation is terminally sick, and needs urgent resuscitation. Perhaps this page can contribute to help get the emphasis back onto amateur radio, where it belongs. For the past several years, the League has been nothing more than a vehicle for the personal glory of a few individuals."

There were very good reasons to feel that way, as can be seen from the editorial below. However, during 2002 and 2003 the membership finally put their collective foot down and Hans Potgieter ZS6ALJ headed for the streets. Under Graham Hartlett ZS6GJH the League appears to be on the mend.

There are signs that the new regime actually uses teleconferencing and email to conduct its business, there appears to be some responsiveness to members and the rampant cronyism that marked the previous dispensation appears to be better controlled. Unfortunately, though, there are still individuals with "issues", as one might expect in any volunteer organisation.

Here's hoping. I personally know of a few items of unfinished business being held over from the previous era that have not been satisfactorily concluded, but the unyielding attitudes of yore seem to have softened.

In the mean time, if you have case studies or personal experiences that would contribute to solving the problem, by all means let me know. Perhaps we can help to speed the process to recovery.

Reference Material

An editorial on the state of affairs in 2002. Some elements of it are still applicable, although there was an infusion of new blood in June 2003 that has improved matters.
My response to the QSL Bureau proposals published on the SARL Web site in 2003-06.

The Future

I intend to add more editorial material as events unfold and time permits. Stay tuned!

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